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.He wanted me badly, as much as I wanted him.As if suddenly released from a frozen time warp, he blinked and ripped off his T-shirt over his head and let it fall to the floor.He exhaled a slow breath.My eyes flickered and widened, his muscles rippled under his tan skin.I raked my teeth over my lower lip.My eyes trailed down to the bulge in his jeans.I closed my eyes and swallowed hard.He pushed his hand through his hair, pulling my attention back to his inked bicep and slowly unraveled any last ounce of resistance I had left in my body.I wanted him to fuck me.I wanted it so badly, more than anything I’d ever wanted in my life.I threw off my bra and wiggled out of my shorts leaving on my hot, pink, lace panties for further tease appeal.He leaned forward like he was about to reach for me, but I planted my palms flat against his chest, in a signal to wait.The warmth of his skin permeated my palms and my fingers splayed with anticipation across his tight pecs.They jittered, then stilled.I looked into his eyes.I lightly trailed my fingers down his chest, his abdomen and stopped my tactile exploration at his belt buckle, as I lowered myself to my knees.Jesse’s jeans came off, boxers and all and his hard cock sprang free, a magnificent piece of artwork of the male body.I circled my hand around it and stroked his flesh, while cupping his balls.He hissed and tossed his head back.I wrapped my warm wet lips around his engorged manhood and sucked.I squeezed his balls, sucking and stroking.He put his hand gently on my shoulders.He grabbed my hair and tousled his hands in it, guided it and moaned with delight.He gently pushed my head back to release his cock and smiled at me.“Ladies come first.” He lifted me by my arms and guided me to the bed.Laying me gently down on its softness, Jesse kissed my stomach right above my panties, then enjoyed the tease, as he pulled them down over the curves of my hips.All of my nakedness was in his total view and I could hear his excited breathing.For a very long time, his warm hands moved along my thighs, tracing up and down, and each time he strayed towards my wetness, I moaned louder and louder.I couldn’t help it.I had wanted him to touch me like this since that first night on the beach.He sucked my nipples using his other hand to guide each one, budded with pinkness into his mouth and gave equal attention to both.Jesse’s mouth slid down my rib cage, down my stomach and to my mound.I gasped flushed with anticipation.Using his fingers he parted my folds and flicked his tongue on my pulsing clit.I bucked against his mouth wanting more.He licked and fingered me, building the intensity.I tensed and he fucked me with his fingers, as my orgasm took reign over my body, building, climbing, and accelerating, nearly to the exploding point.I looked down and the second I saw his head moving between my legs, pleasuring me so erotically, I wailed and my orgasm came with a sharp edge to it, crashing and shattering me to pieces.Jesse rose up to his knees, stroking his cock, priming it for action.I saw in him an intensity so great, a desire so wild, that I thought I couldn’t take any more.He leaned over to the bed stand and ripped open a small foil packet.A moment later, he slid into me, filling me and delicious tingles of pleasure rocketed through my entire body.He groaned, and panted with the satisfaction of finding his destiny.His rhythm picked up, with each thrust and I moaned louder and louder, my body bucking and writhing in response.I pulled my legs up, bending my knees to offer him the deepest penetration.I longed to please him completely.I felt the pull again.I couldn’t believe it.He was making me come a second time, I was transported, I was out of my mind, out of my body with sexual pleasure.Repeatedly screaming out his name and God’s, in gasping breaths, I dug my fingers into his flesh, frantically I positioned him where I needed for the second orgasm.The wave of tension rose, then broke, and I was taken with such ferocity that it resembled convulsions.He growled and released deep inside of me, shaking and trembling, as his hot breath fell in steamy puffs on my neck.Collapsing onto me, he exhaled a final long audible breath and rolled to the side, waiting for our breathing to regulate.Jesse leaned over, stroked my hair and looked into my eyes.“Baby, that was amazing.You are amazing, everything I’ve ever wanted.”I tried to swallow the heavy knot in my throat.Uncontrollable tears threatened my eyes.“Hey, now.What’s this?” he asked.His voice turned soft, as he leaned up on his elbow and touched the tears now springing from my eyes.“No crying allowed when you’re in Jesse’s arms.” He kissed my cheek and brushed away the wetness with his thumb.I gave a short laugh.I felt ridiculous for being so emotional.“Don’t worry, they are tears of joy.That was so intense just now.You shook me to my core.I don’t usually trust someone, well guys that is, so easily.But with you Jesse, I feel safe, like I can trust you with my heart.You’ve opened up something in me that has been closed for a long time and it hit me really hard right now.That’s why the tears.” I smiled and looked up into his eyes with a long deserved happiness.I was convinced I saw the same returned in his look [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]


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